Suhbah Retreat for the Entire Family

In the Quran Allah tells the Prophet (S) that his mission is to recite the signs of God upon the people, to purify them, and to teach them the Book and Wisdom. Learning, spiritually growing, and being in good company are the essential components to spiritual development. Time and time again, we at Qalam come across students who desire an opportunity for more in-depth and in-person learning and mentorship from a qualified teacher, but they don't have the capacity to dedicate years at a time to just study. By facilitating a retreat to a beautiful and tranquil location annually under the guidance of Shaykh AbdulNasir Jangda, students from all across the world can continue their pursuit of education and spiritual growth.





In Surah 62, Surah Jumu'ah, Allah speaks about the process of reforming and reviving the community. In ayah 2, Allah says, "He sent amongst an uneducated people a Messenger who was from them to present before them the signs of God, and purify them, and teach them the Book and Wisdom." The Messenger of Allah (S) is our teacher and our role model. He taught us how to pray, how to fast, how to improve our family relations, how to better our professional and personal interactions and be the best versions of ourselves. The Prophet (S) taught us the Qur'an and left us with his noble precedent. In his farewell sermon, the Prophet (S) said, "I leave you with two resources. As long as you hold firmly to them, you will not lose your way. They are the Qur'an and the Prophetic Tradition."

At the Suhbah Retreat, we will study a beautiful collection from the compendium of the Prophetic Tradition that focuses on personal development. The goal is to learn how to be balanced, well-rounded in all areas of our lives and lead a more holistic and righteous life. Students at the Retreat will have the opportunity to complete the study of forty hadith and continue this practice of the Islamic scholarly tradition.





4 Nights: Highlands Retreat Center (Allenspark, CO)



Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner will be provided



5-6 occupancy: $699 per person
3-4 occupancy: $799 per person

Children Pricing 

Ages 0-5: $299 per child
Ages 6-12: $599 per child