Fall in Love with the Best Man to
Ever Walk This Earth

Seerah Intensive is a one-of-a-kind immersive for the entire family. You receive unlimited access to great teachers, develop lifelong friendships with students of knowledge from all around the world, benefit from countless invaluable lessons, and at the end of the day, walk away with a newfound love for the best man to ever walk this Earth, inshAllah.







July 27 - August 5
(10 Days)



Edmonton Islamic Center
Darur Rahmah Hall
London, E18 2US



Class Time:
9:00am  – 3:00pm

Community Halaqa:
Between Maghreb & Isha



Student Rate: £500 

Early Bird: £550 (ending 07/07/2018)

Couples: £895

Group (3-4): £1,779


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What Past Students Have to Say

The best two weeks of my life, I felt like I was one of the sahabah, sitting right there with the Prophet (S) for two entire weeks. It’s a surreal experience.
— Hassan F.
Seerah Intensive went beyond merely telling us why the Prophet’s (S) example is the best example to live. Seerah Intensive was the application, the proof, and perhaps the key to living a better life, the Muslim life.
— Roshaneh A.
After studying the stories of our Prophet’s (S) life in great detail, the lessons of how he lived and dealt with situations, and the stories of the sacrifices he made for us, you leave with a new developed appreciation for our Deen and love for our Prophet (S).
— Sadia Q.
I don’t think I’ll ever forget the people I met there. Spending day in and day out, experiencing, and living with the Prophet (S) had a special way of making you love him and the people around you more.
— Ebraheim I.