Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. When should I plan to arrive for Seerah Intensive

  • We advise you to arrive on Friday, July 27th
  • Class will begin at 5:00 PM and conclude at Isha
  • Check-in will begin at 2:00 PM

Q2. When should I plan to depart from Seerah Intensive?

  • We advise you to depart on Sunday, August 5th
  • Class will be done by Dhuhr time (1:15 PM)

Q3. What is the name and address of the Venue?

Edmonton Islamic Centre Al Masjid 20-34 Raynham Road London N18 2SJ

Q4. What supplies do I need to bring with me?

We will provide you with a textbook, notebook, pen, drawstring bag, and a water bottle. Have access to your email for homework assignments and a Quran for the tafseer portion of class.

Q5. Is there an age limit?

Seerah Intensive is open to all ages. We do require to have a parent or guardian with you if you are under the age of 18--just for legal purposes :)

Q6. If I am out of town, do you provide accommodations?

No, unfortunately we do not provide accommodations however you can stay in the masjid for £10 a night. The masjid will have a table for you to sign up for this option on Friday, July 27th.

If you have any additional questions please email us at